Green veggies For Your Health.

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Of course, some Green veggies are more approachable than others. Depend on being region availability or not. However, you should try them all to vary the taste as well as cycle all the goodness through your body. 


Basically microgreens are early grown Green veggies. that were harvested right after planting 1-2 weeks roughly 1 to 3 inches growth. UFABET While containing various flavors and texture respectively to their species. These microgreens also have up to six times more of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals compared to their mature counterparts. Can be used in salads, soup, sandwich, bake or anywhere your normal green can go.


Well-known for having the most foliage compared to any greens. Spinach also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and beneficial phytonutrient. To name a few of spinach benefits: improve eyesight, heighten cognition and concentration. Treat macular degeneration, keep liver functioning, maintain blood pressure, boost metabolism and weight loss. The best part is, this vegetable just taste so good without hesitant. Spinach can be consumed raw, in salad, juice, smoothie, or cook in the soup, pasta, lasagna, pan-fried.


A low-calorie vegetable that contains more iron than beef. More omega 3 than oil, and more calcium than milk. Kale is the number 1 trend on any super green foods list. Just like any super green leafy, kale has a load of fiber, antioxidant, anti-inflammation and vitamins of all sorts.

The only drawback is the bitter flavor of raw kale. Which deters most people, even adults. There’s always the struggle to place that eerie dark green. But once you get past that, Kale is just as amazing. Lightly saute or steam kale leaf to reduce bitter flavor, dry or roast to make crispy kale chips and reserve all the goodness.